Colour scales for continuous data default to the values of the ggplot2.continuous.colour and ggplot2.continuous.fill options. If these options are not present, "gradient" will be used. See options() for more information.

scale_colour_continuous(..., type = getOption("ggplot2.continuous.colour",
  default = "gradient"))

scale_fill_continuous(..., type = getOption("ggplot2.continuous.fill", default
  = "gradient"))



Additional parameters passed on to the scale type


One of "gradient" (the default) or "viridis" indicating the colour scale to use

See also


v <- ggplot(faithfuld, aes(waiting, eruptions, fill = density)) + geom_tile() v
v + scale_fill_continuous(type = "gradient")
v + scale_fill_continuous(type = "viridis")
# The above are equivalent to v + scale_fill_gradient()