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These helpers facilitates generating theme compliant axes when building up the plot.


render_axes(x = NULL, y = NULL, coord, theme, transpose = FALSE)


x, y

A list of ranges as available to the draw_panel method in Facet subclasses.


A Coord object


A theme object


Should the output be transposed?


A list with the element "x" and "y" each containing axis specifications for the ranges passed in. Each axis specification is a list with a "top" and "bottom" element for x-axes and "left" and "right" element for y-axis, holding the respective axis grobs. Depending on the content of x and y some of the grobs might be zeroGrobs. If transpose=TRUE the content of the x and y elements will be transposed so e.g. all left-axes are collected in a left element as a list of grobs.