If a ggproto object has a $print method, this will call that method. Otherwise, it will print out the members of the object, and optionally, the members of the inherited objects.

# S3 method for ggproto
print(x, ..., flat = TRUE)

# S3 method for ggproto
format(x, ..., flat = TRUE)



A ggproto object to print.


If the ggproto object has a print method, further arguments will be passed to it. Otherwise, these arguments are unused.


If TRUE (the default), show a flattened list of all local and inherited members. If FALSE, show the inheritance hierarchy.


Dog <- ggproto( print = function(self, n) { cat("Woof!\n") } ) Dog
#> Woof!
cat(format(Dog), "\n")
#> <ggproto object: Class gg> #> print: function