label_bquote() offers a flexible way of labelling facet rows or columns with plotmath expressions. Backquoted variables will be replaced with their value in the facet.

label_bquote(rows = NULL, cols = NULL, default = label_value)



Backquoted labelling expression for rows.


Backquoted labelling expression for columns.


Default labeller function for the rows or the columns when no plotmath expression is provided.

See also

labellers, labeller(),


# The variables mentioned in the plotmath expression must be # backquoted and referred to by their names. p <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(wt, mpg)) + geom_point() p + facet_grid(vs ~ ., labeller = label_bquote(alpha ^ .(vs)))
p + facet_grid(. ~ vs, labeller = label_bquote(cols = .(vs) ^ .(vs)))
p + facet_grid(. ~ vs + am, labeller = label_bquote(cols = .(am) ^ .(vs)))